Obstetric Services

We offer full comprehensive services for our obstetric patients. We encourage our patients to contact us as soon they suspect pregnancy. You will be scheduled for a pregnancy registration visit within a week of your telephone call.

At your initial visit you should expect the following:

  • Confirmation of diagnosis of pregnancy
  • Determination of estimated gestational age of fetus and due date
  • Documentation of complete medical history of mother and partner
  • Counselling and education on all aspects of pregnancy including genetic screening counselling.
  • Emphasis on nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, and dangers of smoking in pregnancy
  • Establishment of a plan for ongoing obstetric care from registration to final post-partum care. Baseline lab tests will be ordered.
  • A routine ultrasound for fetal assessment will be ordered at the end of the visit.

During the course of your pregnancy a routine second trimester ultrasound will be ordered at about 20 weeks gestation. Our ultrasounds are done by professional technicians using our state of the art 3D ultrasound equipment. 3D imaging allows you to see your baby in three dimensional space. This advanced technology allows mothers to have real time live pictures of their baby instead of grainy looking shadowy pictures.

Our obstetric service includes the management of the high risk obstetric patient in collaboration and consultation with the Maternal/Fetal Medicine department at Harrisburg Hospital.

Our patients have 24 hour access to our providers.